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What consequences can your child face from the college for a DUI?

If your child gets a DUI, he or she will have to deal with the legal consequences. These consequences can include losing a license, jail time, fines and a criminal record. But how can a DUI affect your child’s enrollment in college?

The University of South Carolina has a strict code of conduct that addresses how the college expects its students to act. The code also allows the college to punish students for a violation, including DUIs.

Code of conduct punishes DUIs

The code of conduct prohibits students from driving while under the influence of alcohol. Even if the student is off-campus when arrested, the college can punish a DUI. And the ruling of the college is separate from the judicial ruling. If a judge dismisses the court case or hasn’t ruled yet, the college can still impose disciplinary actions.

Punishments from the college

Depending on how severe the crime was, the college may impose different punishments. These can include:

  • College probation
  • Community service
  • Fines
  • Losing housing
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

The college may even take back a degree if your child gets a DUI after graduating. And once the college finds your child responsible for a DUI, the decision goes on the educational record. If your child plans to go to graduate school, the graduate school will be able to see the record of that punishment and take it into consideration.

DUIs have many punishments in South Carolina. But students of the University of South Carolina can face even more punishments from the college.