Using Diversion Programs To Reduce The Impact Of Criminal Charges

Anyone can make a mistake, which is one reason why South Carolina law allows judges and prosecutors to recommend an individual enroll in a diversion program when it is apparent that this first-time offender would better be served by rehabilitation and education rather than by a criminal record.

In fact, many such programs are available for people charged in Richland and Lexington counties, as well as other South Carolina counties. While the types of programs that are offered differ, the goals are the same: to encourage the offender to avoid future criminal acts and to limit the long-term impact of a criminal record. Once participants successfully complete the diversion program, they may have their charges dropped, expunged or even reduced.

Diversion Programs Exist For A Range Of Offenses

The diversion programs may require participation in group therapy, treatment programs, court appointments and/or community service. When you meet all of the program’s requirements, you may qualify to have these charges dismissed or removed from your record:

The prerequisites for diversion programs in South Carolina vary, so it is important to have an experienced lawyer represent you in court.

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