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Charged With Drug Possession or Other Drug Offenses?

Our justice system treats drug offenses seriously. Defendants with prior offenses on their records face stiff penalties, including long jail sentences. At The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC, we handle all varieties of criminal litigation related to drug charges, including prescription drug cases.

We have seen countless clients charged with drug offenses and we know how the system works. Our knowledge can guide you through the legal process, and we will keep you informed of all developments in your case. You can count on our experience if you are facing drug charges.

What Are the Penalties for Drug Charges in South Carolina?

The penalty for a drug charge depends on several factors. The main considerations are the number of prior convictions you have, if any, and the type and quantity of the drug listed in your indictment.

South Carolina’s drug sentencing schedule divides sentences into five categories based on the type of drug and the quantity you are arrested with. Substances heavily punished under South Carolina’s drug schedule can include:

  • Marijuana — A maximum penalty of 30 days in jail for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana can be imposed for the first offense. Subsequent offenses increase jail time by as much as one year. Possession of larger quantities of more than one ounce of marijuana can lead to sentences of up to five years for the first offense and, depending on the circumstances, of up to 30 years for subsequent offenses.
  • Cocaine — Possession of cocaine can receive a three-year jail sentence and a substantial fine for the first offense. Subsequent possession or distribution convictions carry sentences that could range up to 30 years, depending on the quantity involved and your criminal record.
  • Heroin — Possession of two grams or less carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Subsequent possession or distribution convictions carry jail sentences ranging from five to 30 years and as much as $50,000 in fines.

Attorney Moses is a former prosecutor who is now a criminal defense lawyer who brings this experience to bear in negotiating with prosecutors on your behalf on drug crime charges. His knowledge of both sides of the justice system can help him develop a strong criminal defense for you.

Offering Defense Against Drug Trafficking and Distribution Charges

The most serious drug charges in South Carolina are possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking. South Carolina laws define intent to distribute drugs as the possession, manufacture or the actual distribution of substances like cocaine, heroin or marijuana.

Trafficking is the possession of large quantities of illegal drugs and the intent to distribute them inside the state lines of South Carolina. The necessary amount differs based on the substance. Trafficking charges can also be filed against those accused of aiding or consenting in the import of drugs.

Acts that can be punished as trafficking include:

  • Financially assisting an importer of drugs
  • Helping someone import drugs
  • Conspiring with an importer to sell drugs
  • Possessing large amounts of drugs
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to import drugs
  • Manufacturing large amounts of drugs
  • Delivering large amounts of drugs

Located in Columbia, The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC, assists clients accused of drug charges throughout South Carolina. Our criminal defense attorney is experienced with drug and alcohol possession cases and has spent years navigating the court system. We can evaluate your situation and help determine if you have a good case for diversion or expunction. We are with you through each step of the court process, and we work within the court system to obtain the best outcome for you.

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At The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC, we represent South Carolinians accused of possession, trafficking and other drug offenses. Our staff is experienced with drug offenses cases. We help you deal with these serious charges and protect you from their harsh penalties.

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