Defending Richland County Juveniles On Underage Alcohol Offenses

Minor In Possession • Underage Drinking And Driving

Are you under the age of 21? Do you have a teenage son or daughter who is under the age of 21? If so, you may be surprised to learn that young adults under 21 can be charged with a minor in possession of alcohol (MIP) violation even if they aren’t drinking alcohol; merely holding a can of beer is sufficient.

Considered a misdemeanor criminal offense, a MIP charge can result in a fine, not to mention affect a young person’s eligibility for academic scholarship and limit his or her driving privileges. Repeat offenses can lead to jail time and a dramatic increase in fines. If your son or daughter has received a MIP charge, your concern about long-term issues is valid. Fortunately, The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC, can help.

Our founding attorney, Marion M. Moses, has more than 18 years of trial law experience, including several years as a prosecutor for the 11th Judicial District Court where he tried thousands of criminal cases. Given this experience, he knows what prosecutors think when trying to get a conviction, and he uses this knowledge when defending his clients’ rights.

Learn About The MIP Code And Expungements

According to South Carolina’s MIP laws, young adults can be charged with violating this code by engaging in these actions:

  • Purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol
  • Presenting a fake ID to buy alcohol
  • Possessing alcohol (open container)
  • Consuming alcohol (underage drinking)
  • “Zero tolerance” violations (underage DUI)

If your child has been charged with this offense, he or she may consider accepting a plea to be the best solution available. Depending on the circumstances that led to the charge, however, pleading guilty may not provide the most favorable resolution. Since there are severe consequences associated with a misdemeanor charge on a criminal record, you should still seek a lawyer’s counsel on South Carolina’s diversion programs in order to expunge or reduce the charge.

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