Legal Representation For Victims Of Truck Accidents In South Carolina

Holding Truck Drivers And Their Employers Accountable For Negligence

While there are many different kinds of motor vehicle collisions, trucking accidents are often the most severe. Why? Well the answer is simple: a passenger vehicle is no simply match for 80,000 pound 18-wheeler.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC, can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Regardless of whether a truck driver or trucking company is to blame, you have legal options available, and we can help you pursue them. We understand your frustration, and we will work tirelessly to obtain the recovery you so desperately need.

With more than 18 years of legal experience, attorney Marion M. Moses has long been helping personal injury victims throughout Lexington and Richland counties, as well as other counties in South Carolina, recover after devastating encounters with commercial trucks. As an experienced trial lawyer, he understands what it takes to ensure negligent drivers, their employers and their policy providers are responsible for their reckless actions.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation For Safety Violations

Federal and state guidelines regulate the commercial trucking industry. In spite of these rules, collisions regularly occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Drivers do not receive appropriate commercial vehicle training
  • Drivers are not regularly tested for drugs and alcohol
  • Drivers skip mandated breaks or exceed allowed driving hours
  • Equipment is not regularly maintained or inspected
  • Payloads exceed weight requirements or are secured inappropriately

Given the extensive time spent on the road, both commercial truckers and their vehicles endure wear. When driver and machine are out of compliance with regulations, you and your loved ones suffer the consequences.

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