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5 Safety Tips for Walking Downtown in Columbia

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As we head back into spring and summer, more people will be out enjoying the nice weather. If you’re planning on going into the city, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure your fun day doesn’t end with a trip to the hospital.

1. Follow All Traffic Signals and Signs

Many downtown streets have electronic signs alerting pedestrians of when they can cross the road. Always make sure to follow these signals. Even if you think it’s safe to cross, cars traveling through green lights will not anticipate pedestrians coming off the sidewalk and into the road.

2. Stay Alert

You may be tempted to send a quick text or talk on the phone while walking. However, refrain from doing this. Stay focused on walking and keep aware of your surroundings. This way, you can be proactive about avoiding any potential harm.

3. Take Special Precautions at Night

Pedestrians are hard to see at night. If you plan to walk downtown after dark, be sure to have bright colors on, carry a flashlight, or otherwise make sure that you are visible to vehicles on the road.

4. Use the Sidewalk

Wherever there is a sidewalk, use it! This provides you with some of the best protection from vehicles. Unless a car comes over the curb and onto the sidewalk (which is rare), you can walk worry-free.

5. Be Mindful of Side Streets and Parking Lots

As you walk, be mindful of any breaks in the sidewalks where cars are able to turn. They may quickly pull out from side streets without taking the time to look both ways for pedestrians. Additionally, if you’re walking in a parking lot, slow down or avoid walking behind running cars or cars with their brake lights on. They may begin reversing without seeing you, causing an avoidable collision.

Your Rights As An Injured Pedestrian

If you were hit by an unobservant driver while walking, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Speak about your legal options further with our attorney at The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC. Call today: (803) 770-4483.