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Common Car Accident Injuries

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The severity of a car accident can range from a ‘fender bender’ to a multi-vehicle collision. In any case, a car accident resulting in an injury can be traumatizing. We’ve put together a list of common car accident injuries, and what to do if you have been hurt because of another driver.


Whiplash is consistently named as the most common car accident injury. This occurs when your body moves suddenly due to a swift impact. This could be if you are rear-ended and your body jerks forward and then whips back. This type of movement causes severe muscle strain and takes weeks to fully heal.


It is also common to experience cuts when involved in a car accident. You could be cut from hitting another vehicle, or from loose items in your car hitting you on impact. If the windshield or windows break, the glass could end up causing multiple cuts.

Depending on the location and size of the laceration, cuts from car accidents can become quite severe and cause an infection.

Head Injuries

This could range from a minor concussion to a traumatic brain injury. In fact, car accidents are the second leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Typically, head injuries occur when the impact of the accident forces your head into the steering wheel, dashboard, or seat in front of you.

Internal Injuries

After a car accident, the adrenaline rushing through your body may mask any hidden injuries you may have incurred. Also, it can take time for the symptoms of an internal injury to become noticeable.
Examples include:

  • Brain bleeds
  • Broken ribs
  • Organ injuries
  • Internal bleeding

Because you may not know of internal injuries right away, it’s important to be seen by a medical professional after a car accident.

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Personal Injury Claims

If you suffered one of the above injuries in a car accident, you have the right to seek compensation. Injuries are not only painful, but can quickly become expensive when factoring in medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC can assist you through the process of filing a personal injury claim. There is a statute of limitations for injury cases, so don’t delay! Give us a call today to get started: (803) 770-4483.