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Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Servicing Columbia, Lexington and surrounding areas Protects Your Reputation

Providing experienced defense against domestic violence charges

The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC represents clients caught in the criminal justice system. We are experienced in the defense of clients charged with domestic violence, and our firm understands that there are two sides to every story. Domestic violence charges are serious accusations. If you are accused of such crimes, you're facing serious penalties, including potential jail time. Arrests and convictions can threaten your employment prospects.

Understanding charges of assault and battery and aggravated domestic violence

Threatening or assaulting your spouse, partner or someone with whom you have a romantic or intimate relationship is not considered the same type of crime as when the victim is a stranger. Such an act is considered domestic violence, and it is punished differently than simple assault and battery.

Your spouse, unmarried partner or even someone you are dating can charge you with domestic violence. A wide range of actions can result in a domestic violence charge, including:

  • Shouting and raising your voice
  • Intimidation and emotional abuse
  • Blocking a doorway to prevent your spouse or partner from leaving the room or residence
  • Holding someone
  • Hitting or punching
  • Sexual assault
  • Threatening your partner with a broomstick, knife, gun or other weapon
  • Attacking someone with a weapon and causing injury
  • Killing someone

An assault on another person when a weapon is used or an assault that causes serious injury is considered aggravated assault or aggravated domestic violence. The weapon can be a gun, kitchen knife, or household object -- as long as it has been used to seriously harm someone.

The penalties for domestic violence and aggravated domestic violence vary depending on the specific circumstances, including the nature of the violent act, whether you are a repeat offender and other related factors. Our domestic violence attorney at The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC can review the charges against you and lead a vigorous defense on your behalf.

What is a domestic violence restraining order?

A domestic violence charge is often accompanied by a restraining order. A domestic violence restraining order uses the force of law to limit a defendant's contact with the person who has charged him or her with this offense. A restraining order may prohibit you from:

  • Contacting the person by phone, in person or through social media
  • Contacting the person at work, at a restaurant or other public or private place
  • Entering the person's home or apartment
  • Coming within a specific distance of the person's residence

If you have received notice of a domestic violence restraining order, you should immediately cease all contact with the noted person and his or her family. If you have received a restraining order, consulting with an experienced attorney to learn more about your rights and options is in your best interests.

Bond modifications

An arrest for domestic violence requires a bond hearing. A bond is an amount of money posted to the court system for the purpose of ensuring that you will return for a hearing or trial. A judge sets the amount of the bond at the hearing. For a domestic violence charge, the judge may also impose a restraining order, even if the victim does not request one.

It's in your best interests to consider hiring an attorney for the bond hearing. Your criminal defense attorney can provide arguments to the judge for reducing the bond amount and avoiding a restraining order. The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC represents clients in any phase of the judicial process. Attorney Moses is experienced with bond hearings and domestic violence bond modifications, and vigorously argues for a reduction on your behalf.

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Don't let unwarranted accusations result in severe penalties. The Law Offices of Marion M. Moses, LLC fights for clients no matter the circumstances of your charge. If you're facing a domestic violence charge, you need to know your rights and options. Contact us today online or call us at 803.771.7011 to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your case.

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